Now available: Search IDaids

For the past two years, ITP has posted news articles featuring sets of IDaids that focus on selected, relevant PPQ pest topics of concern. We are pleased to announce a new interface where the entire IDaid collection can be accessed. Use Search IDaids to quickly find useful, quality resources for identification and screening of any type of plant pest. Search by either scientific or common pest name, and then instantly filter your results. Both experts and novices can find helpful identification resources.

ITP's ongoing collection of IDaids are high-quality web-based tools and apps that support identification of plant pests of concern to PPQ. Each IDaid is thoroughly reviewed and evaluated to ensure it has value and is from a reputable source. This collection currently includes over 3,800 vetted IDaids that are image galleries, fact sheets, screening aids, keys of all types, molecular tools, and more. All plant pest groups (insects, mites and spiders, diseases and pathogens, nematodes, molluscs, and weeds) are represented. Since we're continually adding IDaids, the new site also has a contact page where we welcome suggestions for pests to cover.

Visit Search IDaids and see what it has to offer!