Selected IDaids for rush skeletonweed

Chondrilla juncea (rush skeletonweed or hogbite) is an invasive, perennial flowering plant introduced in parts of Australia, South America and North America. In the U.S., the weed is classified as noxious, prohibited, or banned in nine western states and present in sixteen states. It can displace native plants, like the threatened Silene spaldingii (Spalding’s catchfly) in western North America, and it can reduce product yield in wheat fields by 80%. Disturbed areas such as rangeland, cultivated sites, and burn areas are typically more susceptible to invasion. The plant only propagates from adventitious buds on the root system and on root fragments, as well as from asexually produced seeds, and the root system is long-lived.

Key to Propagules of Selected Weedy Asteraceae (Daisy or Sunflower Family)

Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Australian Government

This key, which focuses on fruit characteristics, can be used to separate Chrondrilla juncea from other biosecurity-relevant species of Asteraceae present in Australia. Scientific names are linked to photos, species profiles, and other valuable web pages. See Chondrilla juncea's species profile.

Atlas of Living Australia: Chrondrilla juncea

National Research Infrastructure for Australia and Global Biodiversity Information Facility

This Atlas page has an excellent image gallery, links to molecular data ("Sequences" tab), breakdown of occurrence records by various categories ("Records" tab), an interactive map, and more. A brief description is on the "Overview" tab.

Wilde Planten in Nederland en België: Knikbloem

Dijkstra, K.

This hobbyist image gallery (in Dutch) features an array of enlargeable images organized by and interspersed with descriptions. There are photos, botanical illustrations, herbarium sheets, and distribution maps.

CalPhotos: Rush Skeletonweed (Chondrilla juncea)

California Department of Food and Agriculture

CalPhotos has over 65 enlargeable photos of the weed’s habit, morphological characteristics, and more.

Chondrilla juncea

United States Forest Service

This comprehensive fact sheet covers rush skeletonweed's morphology, biology, and ecology (see "botanical and ecological characteristics"), as well as other pertinent topics related to managing this invasive.