Aquarium & Pond Plant ID mobile app now available

ITP is pleased to announce the latest addition to our mobile app collection: Aquarium & Pond Plant ID. Developed in cooperation with the tool’s author, Shaun Winterton (California Department of Food & Agriculture) and Australia’s Identic team, this app is based on the latest version of ITP’s web-based tool, Aquarium and Pond Plants of the World.

Lucid Mobile apps offer you the identification keys you’ve come to rely on from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Aquarium & Pond Plant ID (free for Android or iOS) allows you to take your Lucid key with you into the field even if your site lacks internet access.

This key allows both specialists and novices to identify aquatic plants cultivated worldwide for the aquarium and pond plant industry. Many such plants are currently weeds or have the potential to become invasive. Most of the over 1,700 photos in the key show plants in their natural habitat, allowing you to compare plants you encounter in the field with the images and descriptions in the fact sheets, which are included for each genus.

Aquarium & Pond Plant ID joins ITP's collection of 14 Lucid Mobile apps specifically geared toward field identification.